PewDiePie Returns to YouTube After Break

YouTube superstar Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has returned to the video platform after taking a break from his content-creating career. His break only lasted for 30 days, but for a YouTuber who created content daily, it was big news for his followers. He’s already back with a new video now that his break is over in which he looks back on his break and where he wants to take his channel in the future.

PewDiePie’s first video shared after his return to YouTube can be seen below where he catches up with his followers and what he’s missed since he’s been gone. He talks about his trip to Japan as well as any notable memes that might’ve made the rounds during his absence.

People joked that PewDiePie would come back to the platform when he needed the money, but as his initial announcement suggested, he was never fully quitting YouTube. He joked that he could probably go ahead and retire now if he wanted to before discussing some of his thoughts on taking a break.

“So it was good for me to take a break to sort of process what I’m doing and what I want to do in the future,” PewDiePie said. “And there’s definitely some changes I will have to do with the channel, I think, but I’ll do them gradually, and I don’t want to just say ‘Okay, now we’re doing this.’ I just think I’ve been obsessing too much about YouTube and just pushing myself way too hard for too long when it’s like ‘Alright, well there’s other stuff I want to do as well.’”


The YouTuber added that he doesn’t want to limit himself to only producing daily content, though he admitted he missed the daily YouTube grind. He said he’s going to try to commit to the daily content schedule again but joked that “we’ll see” if he sticks to it.

PewDiePie also thanked his followers for their comments and for the fact that they watch all his daily videos. He said the break helped him realize that he occasionally takes for granted the fact that he has an audience. He closed out his video by saying “it was necessary” for him to take the break.