PewDiePie Reaches 100 Million Subscribers, Becomes First Solo YouTube Channel to Hit Milestone

Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg is having a frankly incredible month. After hitting 99 million [...]

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg is having a frankly incredible month. After hitting 99 million subscribers on YouTube earlier in August, Kjellberg married his longtime girlfriend Marzia Bisognin last week. And now, just shy of September, the YouTube star known for his gaming videos has officially hit 100 million subscribers, making his the first solo channel to pass that milestone.

Kjellberg officially reached 100 million subscribers over the weekend, and it's not exactly shocking given that his channel has been uploading basically nothing but Minecraft videos and a brief film celebrating his recent wedding over the past week. YouTube itself went so far as to cobble together a video celebrating PewDiePie's rise to prominence, showing off major milestones from the past including his very first video.

Even though he's finally hit 100 million subscribers on YouTube, the "first solo channel" aspect of the milestone is an important one. PewDiePie is still behind T-Series and the generic Music channels, which sit at about 110 and 107.5 million subscribers, respectively, according to Social Blade.

PewDiePie himself celebrated reaching 100 million subscribers early this morning on Twitter. "We did it! What an unreal achievement!" he wrote. "I don't feel worthy, but I'm forever grateful[.]"

What do you think of PewDiePie hitting 100 million subscribers? Are you one of them, or does the fact that he's hit such a significant milestone make you want to subscribe now? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up directly on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk all things gaming!

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