Phasmophobia Teaser Hints at Two New Ghosts

Phasmophobia players are doing their best this weekend to figure out what types of ghosts are [...]

Phasmophobia players are doing their best this weekend to figure out what types of ghosts are coming to the game next following a teaser from developer Kinetic Games. The studio shared an image on Twitter this week that showed notes pertaining to what appeared to be two different types of entities, but key portions of the text were intentionally blurred out. From putting pieces of the puzzle together, players already have ideas of what they think the two ghosts might be.

The teaser below was shared on Twitter this week with two different pages tied to two ghosts. The names are naturally blurred out so that people can't figure out what the ghosts are from a glance, but other parts of the text including the ghosts' unique strengths and weaknesses were similarly omitted.

Despite players not having much to go off of initially, people quickly realized that there were clues in the text from partially readable letters. The first ghost, for example, appears to have a name that ends with a "g" while the second ghost looks to start with a "G."

Based on those details and research related to different types of ghosts from different myths and legends, people have landed on a couple of different options: "Baigujing," "Goryo," and "Myling" were three names that popped up in the conversations. After some deliberation, some Phasmophobia sleuths suggested that it might end up being a Myling and a Goryo.

Whether those suspicions are right remains to be seen, but we shouldn't have to wait too long now to figure out what Kinetic Games has planned if the teasers like this one are already being shared on social media. More teasers should follow soon enough until the point that the new ghosts are actually revealed. It might be a while longer before they're added to the live servers, however, but we'll see them revealed and added to the game soon enough.