Photos Capture Police Response to Jacksonville Madden NFL Shooting

Madden NFL 19

We're still getting details on the Madden NFL 19 event shooting that took place in Jacksonville just a little while ago, and now some new pictures show some images from the scene, right before the Jacksonville police department prepares to make a media statement.

Our team over at Pop Culture posted some of the photos, showing a heavy police presence in the area following a shooting that reportedly left four people dead and at least ten injured.

First up, CBS47 and FOX30 reporter Brittney Donovan shared an image of a fire truck near the scene, and explained how she saw someone just loaded into an ambulance.

She then shared another image with a number of squad cars near the event venue, repeating what Jacksonville officers had said earlier about people needing to steer clear of the venue.

She provided a couple more photos on her Twitter account, with the streets showing even more police presence.

There is also a brief video showing the scene, with some police chatter in the background.

Finally, Vic Micolucci of WJXT shared this photo, with a number of cars around the scene. It's also worth noting that police have closed off the area from Bay Streets from Pearl to Main Street. Survivors are still encouraged to call 911 if they're in the area.


We'll see what information comes up from the forthcoming press briefing. It appears that the police have the scene under control, but no word yet if they're found the second suspect on the scene.

Our thoughts go out to those affected by this terrible incident, including victims, families and friends.