Pizza Hut PlayStation Demo Discs Have Better Games Than the Classic, Fan Notes

Sony got several of its old-school fans riled up this morning with the reveal of its game lineup for its plug-and-play PlayStation Classic system, and while there are a few noteworthy classics, several players felt that a few were missing, from Crash Bandicoot to Dino Crisis. But one fan even went as far as to compare the forthcoming system to classic demo discs, noting that even they had better games on them.

Crash Bandicoot

The tweet comes from a user by the name of Satomii, who said, “Like goddamn the Pizza Hut Demo Discs had a better lineup than the PlayStation Classic.” And to further illustrate their point, they included a couple of pictures from these demo discs...and they’re pretty much on the money.

It is pretty obvious why some games didn’t make the cut. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater isn’t around anymore because of rights issues (and Hawk no longer being partnered with Activision); the Crash and Spyro games are a no-go because they’re part of newer collections being released; and Gran Turismo 2 would probably be a licensing nightmare.

That said, however, there’s some here that could’ve easily made the cut. For instance, Ape Escape would’ve been an instant classic for the collection; and even Sled Storm would’ve been a suitable racing game for fans to enjoy alone or with a friend. And we didn’t even get a Tomb Raider game in it. Not even the first one!

But probably the one that hurts some die-hard fans is the lack of Final Fantasy VIII. Sure, we’re getting VII, and that’s the most notable one, but considering that game isn’t even being given a re-release treatment like others in the series, one would think that we’d at least see it on the PlayStation Classic. Nope.


Still, if it’s old-school gaming you’re after, it doesn’t hurt to try and track down an original PlayStation and the games that came out for it. And if you're curious about those demo discs, we wrote a whole special about it here.

The PlayStation Classic is set to arrive on December 3, and will cost $99.99.