PS5 Update Tests Highly Requested Features and Settings, Patch Notes Revealed

Sony announced this week a new PlayStation 5 beta update which brings with it a couple of features and settings people have been asking about for some time now. Those include the ability to output video at 1440p via an HDMI connection as well as the opportunity to finally organize games into "gamelists" which essentially equate to folders for those who have extensive libraries and want help sorting through them. The new update is rolling out for beta testers already, but a release date for the final version of the update for non-beta users hasn't been set yet.

The two features mentioned previously are the main draws of this latest beta update, but it also includes some new social features, too. You can see all of that detailed below in the patch notes for the PlayStation 5's beta update that's available now to those who've opted into the beta tests:

New Gameplay and Personalization Options

1440p HDMI Video Output

  • The PS5 beta introduces support for 1440p HDMI video output, enabling players to choose an additional visual setting on compatible PC monitors and TVs.**
  • If the game you're playing supports 1440p rendering you can experience native 1440p output on your display.
  • Or, if you're playing a game with a higher native resolution like 4K, then you may benefit from improved anti-aliasing through supersampling down to 1440p output.
  • You can check if your HDMI device is compatible by selecting "Test 1440p Output" under "Screen and Video" options within system settings.


  • In your Game Library you can now create gamelists, which make organizing your games even easier.
  • To start, go to the [Your Collection] tab and select [Create Gamelist]. Choose games to add to your gamelist, then decide what to name it.
  • You can have up to 15 gamelists and 100 games per gamelist. All games under the "Your Collection" tab of your Game Library can be added to a gamelist, including disc, digital and streaming titles. You can also add the same game to multiple gamelists.

Compare 3D Audio and Stereo Audio

  • You can now listen to and compare the difference between 3D and stereo audio on the same screen, and then choose your preferred setting.

Easier Access to In-progress Activities

  • When resuming a game, in-progress activities are often shown prominently at the top of the game hub to make it as easy and as fast as possible to get back to where you left off.

New Social Features

Request Share Screen

  • You can now request party members to start Share Screen to watch their gameplay. Go to the voice chat card, select the party member you want to send the request to, and then select [Request Share Screen].

Joinable Game Notification

  • When you join a party and a party member is playing a game you can join, you'll now receive a notification. You can join the game directly from the notification.

View New Friends' Profiles

  • When you accept a friend request in the [Received] list, you can now view your new friend's profile in [Accepted Requests].

Send Stickers and Voice Messages in Game Base

  • In the Game Base card, you can now send stickers and voice messages to your groups.