New PlayStation Report Details PS6 Release Window

A new report associated with the future of PlayStation has shed light on when Sony might opt to look to release the PlayStation 6. By all accounts, the PlayStation 5 is still quite new as it has only been available for a little over two years. Despite this, Sony is surely already planning behind the scenes when it will look to let loose its next PlayStation console. And while we might not hear about the PS6 in a formal capacity for many more years, we now have an idea of when the hardware could hit store shelves. 

According to a new story from Insider Gaming, the PS6 is said to likely not release until 2028 at the absolute earliest. In the coming years, Sony is reportedly planning to let loose a mid-generation refresh of the PS5 in the form of the PlayStation 5 Pro. This PS5 Pro console is said to potentially release in 2024 and then would be the highest-tier version of the PS5 that would be available until the eventual arrival of the PS5. 

All in all, this 2028 release window for the PS6 is one that makes a fair amount of sense, especially given the length of Sony's past few console generations. If the PS6 did launch in 2028, this would be an eight-year lifespan for the PS5. Previously, both the PS4 and PS3 had lifespans that lasted for seven years. While this proposed launch window of the PS6 would make the PS5's own cycle a bit longer than normal, this isn't necessarily a surprise given that the platform got off to a slow start in 2020 as a result of manufacturing and shipping pipelines being backed up. 

It's worth stressing that even if this report is accurate, 2028 is so far away that things could drastically change for Sony and its plans with the PS6 in the coming years. As such, take what has been outlined here with a pretty big grain of salt for the time being. Although the PS6 will almost certainly see the light of day eventually, it's hard to ever know if plans like this that are so far away will end up coming to pass in the manner that is currently being described. 

What do you think of this reported release estimation for the PS6? And when do you think that Sony will first start to share details about its next PlayStation console? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12