PlayStation Discounts PS5s and PS Plus During Days of Play Sale

PlayStation Plus subscriptions, PS5s, and more are on sale during Days of Play.

PlayStation is bringing back its Days of Play event featuring sales on not just PlayStation games but also the PS5 consoles themselves as well as PlayStation Plus subscriptions. The Days of Play sale has happened around this time of the year in the past, so amid speculations about what PlayStation's plans for May and June looked like, a Days of Play event happening soon was a frequent guess that's now been proven correctly. PlayStation announced the return of the Days of Play event which starts tomorrow on May 29th and broke down what PlayStation fans can expect this year.

If you're one of the many PlayStation fans who hasn't yet made the jump from the PS4 to the PS5, you'll have the chance to do so at a discount starting tomorrow since the PS5 consoles will be on sale. That includes the normal PS5 as well as the PS5 Digital Edition which already costs less than the former with both consoles $50 during Days of Play. If you get a new PS5 or already have one and want to change how the console looks, the console covers for the PS5s will be $10 off as well.

And then there's a discount on PlayStation Plus subscriptions themselves, but like most sales on these subscriptions, there's a catch. There are two discounts for PlayStation Plus going on during Days of Play, and the better one is reserved only for newcomers. Those signing up for the first time for PlayStation Plus get 30% off of any 12-month plan that they want be that PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, or Premium.

For those who've already got PlayStation Plus, you still get a discount on resubscribing, but only if you're reupping for a tier other than PlayStation Plus Essential. PlayStation Plus Extra is 25% off which still isn't bad at all, or you can get 30% off of PlayStation Plus Premium for the rest of your subscription's duration if you upgrade during Days of Play.

Those sales and the expected discounts on games make up what's happening during Days of Play, but what about PlayStation's State of Play event? Just like Days of Play was rumored to return around this time, people have been speculating on whether or not we'll get a State of Play event or a PlayStation Showcase this month. We're running out of time in May if one is planned for this month, though if not this week, PlayStation fans can safely expect a presentation of some kind in June.