PlayStation Plus: Free PS4 Games We May Get for February 2020

Any day now, Sony Interactive Entertainment should reveal PlayStation Plus' free PS4 games for February 2020. However, before it does that, I figured I may ponder what free games we could get for the second month in 2020 and the second month of the new decade. As you may know, in the past PlayStation Plus free games have been incredibly inconsistent. However, since Sony dropped the offering from four games to two games, the offering has gotten better, and we think February may be a big month for subscribers.

The first obvious candidate is PS4 exclusive Dreams, which is set to release next month. And while Sony normally doesn't put its own launch games as freebies, Dreams is a special case. For one, it's been available in early access form since last spring. So, anyone who wanted to buy it, would have done so by now. And unfortunately for developer Media Molecule, the game's sales have seemingly been pretty underwhelming. There's little buzz around the game, which needs as many players as possible to make it into the thriving platform PlayStation has pitched it as, and thus I think Sony could make it free in order to attract a big influx of new players who will hopefully stick around.

Dreams PS4
(Photo: Sony)

The second candidate is Horizon Zero Dawn, which debuted on PS4 back in February 2017. In other words, it's coming up on its three-year anniversary. Further, it's reportedly coming to PC quite soon, so now would be a good time to cash in on it one more time before it goes multi-platform. Also, the game has been regularly available for $10, so my guess is Sony has milked the game on PS4 for everything it's going to get out of it, which is another reason it's a great time to make it free, especially if a sequel is going to release later this year, which some rumors have suggested.

(Photo: SIE)

Lastly, I think we could get Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, which is set to release during February in search of growing its fanbase. The reality is, if you haven't purchased Street Fighter V on PS4 yet, you aren't going to. So, if Capcom really wants to give the game new life, it seems like making it a free PlayStation Plus free game next month is the way to go.

street fighter 6
(Photo: Capcom)

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. What free games do you expect to see from PlayStation Plus next month?