PlayStation Plus One-Year Subscription $20 Off Right Now Through GameStop

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If your PlayStation Plus subscription is about to run out, don't auto renew through PSN! GameStop has a fantastic deal right now, and you can score a full year of PlayStation Plus for only $39.99. Usually this sets you back $60, but you can snag your subscription for 20 bucks off by checking out this listing.

We feel like we should point out that this is the lowest we've seen a PS Plus subscription card since last year's Black Friday deals, and you're not going to find it for this cheap, even when it's on sale through PSN. Even if your subscription doesn't run out for a few more months, or heck, even a year, this is worth picking up and adding onto your account to save some scratch in the end.

The link above should work just fine, and most users are reporting success checking out there. Whether due to an abundance of traffic or some networking issues we don't know, but some users have reported having trouble checking out through the site. If this happens to you, just load up the listing through GameStop's app, and you should be able to check out without issue.


So what are you going to do with that extra $20? Well aren't you in luck?! PlayStation is also hosting its final week of the "Sale of the Dead" in celebration of Halloween, and even though Halloween is over, the deals persist! With your fancy new PlayStation Plus subscription, you're going to get additional discounts on tons of games right now, including Horizon Zero Dawn and Kingdom Hearts! For a full list of games on sale, you can check out our wrap-up right here.