PlayStation Plus Subscribers Surprised With Three PSP Games

PlayStation Plus on PS4 and PS5 has three new PSP games. Two of these games we've known were coming for a bit now, but the third was just announced last night making it a surprise for PS Plus subscribers. Like every PSP game given out through the subscription service, these are restricted to a PS Plus Premium subscription, the most expensive tier of the subscription service. If you're a PS Plus Essential or PS Plus Extra subscriber you have to buy the games outright.

As for the games, one of them is No Heroes Allowed, which was released in 2010 by Acquire, the developer of the game, and PlayStation, the publisher of the game. The second is LocoRoco Midnight Carnival, which was also published by PlayStation, but developed by the now defunct Japan Studio and released a year earlier in 2009. The third and final game, the surprise release, is Echoshift, which was also published by PlayStation in 2009 or 2010, depending on where in the world you live. it was developed by Artoon, another studio that has since been shutdown

Below, you can read more about the games, courtesy of official descriptions pulled straight from the PlayStation Store: 

Echoshift: "The Walker's life is stuck on repeat. Our hero is lost in a series of dangerous, mind-bending mazes, where time keeps replaying, over and over... Do you have the skill to help the Walker escape? Test your mental agility in 56 levels of puzzle-packed action, where the clock is always ticking as you work to flick switches, unlock doors and overcome obstacles. Co-operate with 'echoes' of your past self to solve problems as you navigate through this ingenious and endlessly addictive puzzle game from 2009."

No Heroes Allowed: "Badman is hatching evil plans for world domination from his underground lair. But the rumblings from above are that there are heroes on the hunt, looking to bring him to justice. Only you can save Badman by luring them into your own monster-filled dungeons of doom! Become the God of Destruction, summoned to save Badman from an army of heroic forces. Dig a vast network of dungeons and create an ecosystem of hungry monsters to defeat the invading warriors. The enemy is on the way and, as Badman famously said back in 2010, there is no sweeter sound than the scream of a slain hero, muwahahahaha..."

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival: "Night has fallen and the LocoRoco are in the mood for some midnight mayhem... Roll, jump, bounce and 'boing' your way through a mysterious moonlit fairground built by the mischievous BuiBui. Just watch out for the fiendish traps and devious hazards they've left behind! Enjoy 16 classic LocoRoco levels in this playful platformer originally released in 2009."