Cancelled PS1 Game Finished By Developer More Than 20 Years Later

A never-before-released game developed for the original PlayStation has now been finished and made available to the general public. Entitled Magic Castle, the game was unsuccessfully pitched to several publishers back in 1998. However, one of the game's developers, who goes by "PIROWO," was able to track down the source code for Magic Castle and has now finished it! Described as a fantasy action RPG, the game has four different character types for players to choose from, including Knights, Magicians, Archers, and Fighters. The game features an isometric perspective, four-player co-op, and an impressive soundtrack!

A link to download the game can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Magic Castle was developed by the team using Net Yaroze, a homebrew development kit that was made available to the general public by Sony. According to an interview with Net Yaroze Europe, Magic Castle's tiny development team sent out a VHS showcasing the game, prompting a meeting with Sony. The publisher offered the developers the opportunity to work on a game that was already in development, but they turned down the option, as they wanted to focus on their own projects, instead. Apparently, a "company that produces famous Japanese RPG’s" was also interested in publishing Magic Castle at one point. The company agreed to fund the rest of the game's development, but the team would have to find its own staff members to fill-out the rest of its needs. With little game industry experience under their belts at the time, the team decided to end the development process, and go their separate ways.

The history of the gaming industry is filled with unfinished projects like Magic Castle. Last year, a never-before-released NES game based on the movie Days of Thunder was discovered and released, allowing players the chance to finally experience the title. Magic Castle is a similar example, and fans of video game preservation will be happy to know that they can now play this long-lost game for themselves. Now that it's finally been made available, it will be interesting to see what players think of Magic Castle!

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