New Study Claims PlayStation Fans Are More Brand Loyal Than Other Gamers

According to a new study, PlayStation has the most brand loyal fans, followed by Xbox, Nintendo, and PC in that order. The study comes way of Best SEO Companies, who found that 40.7 percent of PlayStation gamers are loyal to the brand, which is nine percent higher than Xbox's 31 percent and 10 percent higher than Nintendo's 30.4 percent. Behind the three consoles is "gaming pc brand" with 14.7 percent, "gaming laptop brand" with 8.6 percent, HTC Vive with 3.6 percent, and Oculus Rift with 3.3 percent.

Meanwhile, the study notes that 33 percent of people who own a gaming system plan on buying the PS5, while only 25 percent are expecting to cop an Xbox Series X. Less than these two are eight percent of gamers who apparently plan on buying both.

Now, the survey isn't incredibly extensive -- it only features 1,008 participants -- but it paints a little bit of an unsurprising picture. PlayStation is the biggest brand in gaming, and it's not very surprising to see it have the most brand loyalty. What is a bit surprising is to see Xbox have more than Nintendo, who has been around longer than both PlayStation and Xbox.

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(Photo: Best SEO Companies)

As for how the study was conducted, all respondents were asked which brands they consider themselves the most loyal to and purchase from most often in each item category. Interestingly, 65 percent of people said they trust brands more when they are the top of a Google result. This was especially the case with Generation Z (77 percent).

"To gather the data used above, a survey was run using Amazon's Mechanical Turk service," reads the methodolgy section of the survey. "A total of 1,003 respondents were questioned, with 225 baby boomers (7 percent margin of error), 300 from Generation X (6 percent margin of error), 328 millennials (5 percent margin of error), and 150 from Generation Z (8 percent margin of error)."


As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Is there a gaming brand you feel loyal to? If so, which one and why are you loyal to it?