PlayStation Is Reportedly Working on Its Own Response to Xbox Game Pass

PlayStation is said to be working on something new that could work as a counter to what Xbox offers with its Xbox Game Pass service. The news comes by way of David Jaffe, who is a former developer that worked for PlayStation in the past on franchises such as Twisted Metal and God of War. According to the famed creator, those that he has talked to who work at PlayStation are creating what he said was "a counterpunch" to Xbox's popular subscription platform.

Jaffe shared this information in his newest live stream that took place over on YouTube. While he didn't offer much in the way of specifics when it comes to Sony's response to Xbox Game Pass, he seemed to express confidence in the idea based on what he has been told. In fact, he went on to tell those watching the stream that they should have confidence in current PlayStation boss Jim Ryan.

In the past, many have been critical of Ryan, namely because of how he has shot down the notion of PlayStation just outright doing its own iteration of Xbox Game Pass. That being said, the boss has indicated that it will have a response of some sort to share in the future. Ryan hasn't provided a timetable for when this news could come.

For now, PlayStation's most direct counters to Xbox Game Pass come with the PlayStation Plus Collection and PlayStation Now. The former service is one that offers PlayStation 5 users a select library of PlayStation 4 games that they can download and play at any time. Although the library isn't deep, it contains many of the PS4's most popular games. PlayStation Now is then Sony's streaming service which has been around for quite some time. While it never garnered the popularity that Xbox has with Game Pass, the subscription platform has seen some rather sizable changes in pricing recently making it much more alluring.

It stands to reason that if Sony does intend to reveal something major in the future that could combat what Xbox is doing with Game Pass, we could learn more later this year. Then again, PlayStation as a whole has been much quieter over the past year and has been all the more calculated when it comes to making announcements. Estimating when we could hear more is a bit difficult because of this.


Regardless, what would you like to see PlayStation do in an attempt to counter Xbox Game Pass? Let me know either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.