PlayStation VR2 Report Suggests Price Cut May Be Needed to Avoid "Complete Disaster"

Sony's new PlayStation VR2 has been out for just over a month now following its February launch, and according to one recent report about the new headset, sales of the device are not going well. According to some estimates, the sales of the PS VR2 headset are imagined to total fewer than 300,000 units which would be a far cry from what Sony's goal for the headset was previously reported to be. Based on this analysis, some have suggested that a price cut might be needed for the device in order to avoid what some are referring to as a "complete disaster."

According to previous reports, Sony was looking to produce around 2 million units for the PS VR2's launch window. Now, Bloomberg reports that the International Data Corporation is estimating we'll see only around 270,000 units sold by the end of March. Other reports from before the PS VR2's launch suggested that pre-order numbers had disappointed Sony, though Sony denied those claims.

Should the PS VR2 indeed fall short of expectations, there are a number of reasons that we could look to for explanations as to why that might've happened. Aside from the general hesitancy that many approach virtual reality with regardless of the platform in which the tech is implemented, it was revealed not long ago that PS VR games would not be compatible with the PS VR2. That's been remedied in part by certain developers offering free PS VR2 versions of their games for those who owned the PS VR version, but that happens on a case-by-case basis. This lack of backwards compatibility has led to staple VR games like Beat Saber being left out of the PS VR2's launch lineup.

While the launch lineup indeed offered a number of attractive options like Resident Evil Village, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Call of the Mountain, and more, the lineup may still not be as vast as some would've hoped compared to what's offered on non-VR platforms. The price is also a big consideration – the PS VR2 costs $549 which is more than the PS5 itself costs, and because it's only compatible with the PS5, that's totaling more than $1,000 before you even factor in the games.

It's for that reason that the IDC's Francisco Jeronimo, vice president of data and analytics, said he suspects a price cut "will be needed to avoid a complete disaster of their new product." The Meta Quest 2 conspicuously got a price cut just before the PS VR2's launch and continues to be one of the more accessible options given its price and lack of cords.

Sony has not yet commented much on the performance of the PS VR2 post-launch.