PlayStation Vita Discontinued In Spain, Will Other Markets Follow?

PlayStation Vita

It's always sad to see a system get put out to pasture, even if wasn't quite a hit on the market as its parent company was expecting. We've already seen that with Nintendo's Wii U, and now it's slowly starting to happen with the PlayStation Vita.

Granted, the Vita's been kind of "dead" for a while, as Sony dropped support for the system following its port of Borderlands a few years ago. But it's been kept alive with releases from indie developers and die-hard fans. That said, it looks like its time could "officially" be up soon.

PlayStation Spain's Twitter account recently posted a reply to a fan comment, confirming that the PlayStation Vita has been discontinued in its territory. There haven't been any announcements about it being discontinued in other territories, so this is a bit of a surprise. You can see the tweet below.

Here's the translation. A fan by the name of Portadictos noted, "There is nothing to clarify, everything is clear, you have retired PS Vita market and there is no way to buy one, I've been looking for hours."

To which PlayStation's Spain account replied, "Hello! It's actually discontinued, yes."

There could be an announcement in the months ahead confirming the system's demise, although it's not likely to happen in Japan, since it's actually doing pretty good there – even without Sony's support. But don't be shocked if Sony Interactive Entertainment posts something in the months ahead about its discontinuation in the U.S. market.

Sony has already kind of moved on from both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3, confirming earlier this year that it's cutting games for both systems from its PlayStation Plus program, happening over the next year. And, obviously, no new titles have been confirmed for either platform, save for indie releases or special exceptions on Vita, like Square Enix's remastered port of Secret of Mana.


It's a shame, because the PlayStation Vita was a great little system. Initially introduced years ago, it provided fans of Sony's games with a great new handheld, with support for select PlayStation Portable games, as well as a good selection of first and third-party games at launch. (We're still fans of the solid port of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.) Eventually, though, Sony just didn't provide enough care for it, and focused instead on its console market.

Here's to you, PlayStation Vita. You'll always linger in some of our hearts. Plus, hey, your port of Iconoclasts and Muramasa Rebirth are still worth playing!