PlayStation VR's Library Expected to Grow Up to 280 Titles in 2018


There's no denying that the world of Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular as this technology becomes more accessible on the market. With price cuts on top VR brands, more and more titles becoming readily available, and more affordable options at the ready - the world of VR continues to grow as each day passes. That being said, Sony definitely has their eyes on the prize when it comes to their own PlayStation VR brand and their library is only going to get bigger this year - up to 280 titles bigger, to be exact.

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently spoke with Nikeei that they have extensive plans for expansion this new year. According to their current goals, they are expecting an 80% increase to their PSVR library, increasing upon their already established 150 game titles.

The news isn't that surprising given that a recent analyst reported that the PSVR was shifting into a primary focus for Sony, as well as the tally that they have sold over 2 million VR units sold. With more and more companies jumping onboard the VR train, and huge publishers pledging their own support, the world of virtual reality is about to get much larger in the coming year, and hopefully a lot more fulfilling.

When asked about the progression of VR for the Sony camp, ICD Research Director Lewis Ward told Gaming Bolt, “It’ll be a slow burn,” he said when going into more detail about their PSVR focus. “I really want to play Doom in VR just to see if it’s great – or has me puking in the first hour. I think it’ll be a few years before PS VR hits a 10% attach rate to PS4 consoles in North America, but I think this tech will get better in rev 2 and the content will get better and more varied, and so Sony will stick with it through the end of the PS4 lifecycle at least.”

Movies, games, TV shows - Virtual Reality for PlayStation fans is a fantastic new leap for the platform, we can't wait to see what 2018 brings!