Pokemon Cafe Menu Revealed, Reservations Opening Up Soon


Pokemon-themed cafes are nothing new, but that doesn't stop us from being excited about each time a new one pops up! The latest Pokemon cafe to open up is in Tokyo and the menu just revealed looks so delicious, we're prepared to book a trip ASAP!

Prepare to drool because the website just revealed delicious items like an Eevee burger, Pikachu curry, pies, deserts, coffees, and more! Seriously, everything look so delicious! Even the coffees look amazing! Here are a few of the menu items they revealed:

pokemon menu

You can see the entire list of food options here on the official website, as well as how to reserve your spot at the Pokemon Cafe that will for sure be slammed with both lovers of delicious food items and the beloved anime.

Thanks to an awesome tip over on Resetera, here's what we know about the reservation times and how it will all be handled:

"Starting on Monday, March 5th at 6PM, reservations will open. You can reserve up to April 5th. YOU NEED A RESERVATION TO ENTER THE POKEMON CAFE. Later on I suppose they might open it up to first come first serve, but for now you have to register on the website. So if you are going to be in Tokyo in the next few weeks and wanted to drop by, be sure to stake your spot. You can reserve a seat, or reserve a seat and exclusive merchandise. Also every customer needs to order at least two items so take out a loan now."


In addition to food and drinks, the cafe will also host an area to buy merchandise to let that fandom flag soar high and proud. Mark your calendars, because as previously mentioned ... this will be reservation-based only and for a very limited amount of time!