GameStop Pokemon Card Giveaway Starts This Friday

GameStop will be giving out another promotional Pokemon card this week. PokeBeach is reporting [...]

GameStop will be giving out another promotional Pokemon card this week. PokeBeach is reporting that the popular game retail chain will be handing out promo cards featuring Sandaconda starting on Friday. The card is free whenever customers purchase a minimum of $15 of Pokemon Trading Card Game merchandise. PokeBeach didn't have any other details about the card, but they speculated that it's likely a holofoil card featuring a stamped GameStop logo similar to the Flapple card given a few months ago.

The promo card is timed to come out with the release of the new "Chilling Reign" expansion, which also launches on Friday. That expansion is inspired by the Crown Tundra DLC of Pokemon Sword and Shield and will feature cards based on the various forms of Calyrex, along with the Galarian variants of the Legendary Birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. The expansion also continues the new Battle Styles mechanic that adds a level of card synergy by building a deck around one of two different "battle styles."

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has had a busy 2021, with the game making mainstream news for a variety of reasons. Not only has the game seen a resurgence of interest during the pandemic, many celebrities have also continued to dip into vintage card collection, driving their prices up significantly. Because of the heightened demand for trading cards, Target briefly stopped selling selling Pokemon cards in stores but they recently put Pokemon cards back on the shelves with restrictions on how many packs customers can buy per day.

After the release of "Chilling Reign," the Pokemon Trading Card Game will release the "Evolving Skies" expansion in August. This set will bring back Dragon-type Pokemon cards and will feature all of Eevee's evolutions as Pokemon V cards. The game is also set to add a new kind of card, the V-UNION card, which is considered to be one Pokemon made up of four different cards. To play a V-UNION Pokemon, players need to have all four of the V-UNION cards in their discard pile. V-UNION cards will be released in Japan in August and will likely be released worldwide in October.