Pokemon TCG to Reprint Base Set Charizard, Bring Back Other Classic Card Types for 25th Anniversary

The Pokemon Trading Card Game will release a reprint of the highly sought after Charizard Base Set [...]

The Pokemon Trading Card Game will release a reprint of the highly sought after Charizard Base Set card as part of its 25th anniversary plans. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company officially announced Celebrations, a new collection containing a mix of remakes of popular cards from throughout the history of the Pokemon TCG and several new promo cards featuring the return of a variety of unique card mechanics from past sets. In addition to the Base Set Charizard card, Celebrations will also contain reprints of Tapu Lele-GX and Gold Star Umbreon, as well as new cards like Dragapult Prime, Lance's Charizard V, Dark Sylveon V, and even new Delta Species cards.

Like previous "special" collections, there will be no individual booster packs of Celebrations cards available for sale. Instead, fans will need to buy one of nine special products that contain mini-booster packs of Celebration cards. These products include a mix of box sets, tins, and even a new Elite Trainer box. A Premium Figure Collection containing a Pikachu VMAX figure will also be released. Notably, there will also be a Pikachu V-UNION box released for Celebrations, which is the first time the V-UNION mechanic has been confirmed outside of Japan. This is a new game mechanic that requires players to build a V-UNION Pokemon using four separate cards.

The reprint Base Set Charizard will likely be the hottest card from the set, as original Base Set Charizard cards sell for thousands of dollars online. An ungraded Charizard card usually sells for hundreds of dollars, while a Mint First Edition card has sold for over $350,000 in recent months. This will almost assuredly be one of the Pokemon Trading Card Game's hottest card sets of the year, which is impressive given how popular the card game has become in recent months.

For those looking to dive back into the Pokemon Trading Card Game, the game recently released its "Chilling Reign" expansion, which focuses on Pokemon seen in the "Crown Tundra" DLC of Pokemon Sword and Shield. The game has also announced "Evolving Skies," an expansion featuring Eevee and its evolutions as well as the return of Dragon-type Pokemon cards.