Over $5,000 Worth of Pokemon and Disney Lorcana Cards Stolen From Florida Game Store

Someone stole over $5,000 worth of Pokemon and Disney Lorcana cards were taken from Decks & Dice Tournament Center

A thief stole a number of Pokemon cards and Disney Lorcana products from a Florida game store. Earlier this week, Decks & Dice Tournament Center in Lakeland, FL reported that over $5,000 worth of Pokemon Trading Card Game products and Disney Lorcana products were stolen during a break-in that occurred overnight Wednesday. In a news report published by WFLA this week, owner Chad Rippey said that the thieves took numerous sealed products, including a mix of recent releases and high-value box content. "We had Crown Zenith premium collections, they took. We had Obsidian Flame booster boxes, they took all of," said Rippey in the report. "Build and battles and booster bundles, they took all of those as well." The thieves broke into the store by breaking the glass on the front door. 

Additionally, Rippey said that the thieves took Disney Lorcana product, which were being kept to provide support for in-store tournaments. A store Facebook post from earlier in the month noted that the store's stock was all sold via pre-order.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office is collecting video evidence for the theft and has reached out to local stores warning them of potential re-sales of the stolen merchandise. A Facebook post below from Decks & Dice Tournament Center shows the damage caused by the thieves. 

Last Night sometime between 11:45pm and 12:15 am someone busted in the door and Stole $5500 worth of Pokemon Products...

Posted by Decks & Dice Tournament Center on Thursday, August 24, 2023

This isn't the first high-profile card theft to take place in August. A pair of suspected thieves stole $300,000 worth of Magic: The Gathering cards from a loading dock at Gen Con earlier in the month. 

What Is Disney Lorcana?

In Disney Lorcana, players race to be the first to collect 20 Lore, which they do by sending characters summoned from their deck off on quests. When characters are questing, they can be challenged by opposing characters, which can leave them damaged or banished from play. Players summon cards and pay for actions and items using cards in their inkwell. Players can commit one card per turn to their inkwell, where it becomes a reusable resource for the remainder of the turn. The game includes three kinds of characters – Storyborn characters pulled directly from various Disney movies and properties, Dreamborn characters with new traits and characteristics, and mysterious Floodborn characters who can be summoned at a lower cost if a player has a character of the same name already in play.