Pikachu Drops Sick Beats in New Pokemon Remix

Pikachu has found a new occupation as a DJ in a new video released by The Pokemon Company. Earlier [...]

Pikachu has found a new occupation as a DJ in a new video released by The Pokemon Company. Earlier this month, The Pokemon Company released a two minute video titled "DJ Pikachu Lightning Remix" that features a glasses-wearing Pikachu putting on a light show using a remixed sound track of classic Pokemon songs. The songs featured in the remix all come from Pokemon Red and Blue, although DJ Pikachu isn't afraid to toss in some record scratches or air horns as he ramps up to an epic beat drop. Of course, because this is a Lightning Remix, the beat drop comes with two Pikachu dancing in front of LED screens displaying Pikachu-shaped lights.

The new video is the latest release of the P25 Music Project, a new musical collaboration between The Pokemon Company and various musical stars. In addition to recruiting DJ Pikachu to drop a sick remix, The Pokemon Company also snagged artists like Katy Perry and Post Malone to contribute either new songs or covers of classics for an upcoming album. Post Malone even hosted a 15-minute concert on Pokemon Day where he sang "Circles" (a song in which Malone laments about a failed relationship that he claims to have entered into solely for carnal reasons) as Gyarados showers him with water.

Personally, we like DJ Pikachu's take over Post Malone's digital concert, but it's clear that The Pokemon Company is going all out for its 25th anniversary. In addition to the various musical releases, The Pokemon Company has also announced two games - Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus, both of which are due to come out over the next year or so. Additionally, The Pokemon Company has announced numerous crossover collaborations with brands ranging from Levi's to McDonald's to celebrate its milestone anniversary.