Pokemon Go Introduces New Type of Event That Rewards Players for Good Throws

Pokemon Go is returning to the art of the Poke Ball throw for an upcoming event. Yesterday, Pokemon Go announced a new Catch Mastery event that will take place on October 25th, which will focus on catching Ghost-type Pokemon and making accurate throws. Players will earn extra XP for making accurate throws, and there will be Timed Research that can earn players Mega Gengar energy. Additionally, the Ghost-type Pokemon Drifloon will also spawn in greater numbers. Other Ghost-type Pokemon will also appear for completing the Timed Research. Notably, the event announcement is the first confirmation that Mega Gengar is coming to Pokemon Go, likely tied to the upcoming Halloween event.

The Catch Mastery event is a new event and it seems to be in the vein of other 1-day weekend events that Pokemon Go often hosts. These events break up the monotony in between larger events (such as the current Autumn event and the upcoming Halloween event) and also give players a chance to gain some extra perks for playing. While Level 40 players won't get much benefit from participating in the Catch Mastery event, anyone who is trying to level up will likely benefit from the extra XP, especially when paired with a Lucky Egg and Curveball throws.

We'll note that the Catch Mastery event isn't tied to Pokemon Go's Halloween event, which is expected to take place the following week. From datamines, it seems that the event will feature the Galarian Pokemon Runerigus, special themed boxes, and a costume wearing Sableye in addition to the appearance of Mega Gengar.

The Catch Mastery: Ghost event will run on October 25th from 8 AM local time to 10 PM local time. More information about the event can be found on Pokemon Go's website.