Where Are Pokemon Go's Costumed Pokemon Raids?

Many Pokemon Go players are complaining about the lack of costumed Pokemon raids during the game's Halloween event. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go launched its annual Halloween event, which added several new Ghost-type Pokemon and some extra candy bonuses. One major part of the new event is the addition of brand new Costumed Pokemon. While the new costumed Pikachu (dressed like a Mimikyu) can be found in the wild, the three Kanto Starter Pokemon can only be obtained by battling in relatively easy Tier 1 raids.

The three Kanto Pokemon and Pikachu are part of a wider Halloween promotion, with tons of new merchandise of the Pokemon available at the Pokemon Center online store. When they were first announced, fans were thrilled to get their hands on these adorable new Pokemon, especially as it meant that players could get Costumed Pokemon that were Pikachu or Eevee.

However, now that the Halloween event is several days old, many players are complaining that they can't find the Costumed Pokemon raids anywhere. While plenty of Tier 1 Raids are appearing in the game, they focus on Drifloon and Misdreavus, two Pokemon that are also appearing in greater quantities in the wild thanks to the Halloween event. Even in denser urban areas, the Costumed Pokemon raids seem not to be appearing very frequently, leading to speculation that they are deliberately rare. One of the top threads on the popular Pokemon Go Reddit community The Silph Road is filled with players complaining about the lack of Costumed Pokemon raids, so this doesn't seem to be strictly anecdotal either.

Honestly, it doesn't make a lot of sense that these Pokemon raids aren't appearing basically all of the time in Pokemon Go. Players want these Pokemon and will probably even pay money for the Raid Passes in order to do these raids multiple times. These aren't very difficult raids either, so just about anyone should be able to defeat these raids...which means more opportunity to make money.

Hopefully, Pokemon Go decides to increase the rate in which these Pokemon appear, or otherwise they'll have some unhappy fans after the Halloween event ends on November 1st.