Pokemon Go Brings Back Rare Forms of Two Pokemon

Pokemon Go is giving players their first opportunity to obtain the seasonal forms of Deerling and Sawsbuck in almost a decade. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go added the Pokemon Deerling and Sawsbuck as part of its ongoing Autumn event. While the two Pokemon were added to help celebrate the change in seasons, it also provides players with a rare opportunity to add some Pokemon formes to their collection. Pokemon Go confirmed that Deerling and Sawsbuck would have seasonal forms in the game, marking the first time that the seasonal forms have appeared in a Pokemon game since Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 back in 2012.

In Pokemon Black and White and their sequels Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Deerling and Sawsbuck changed forms depending on the season. However, the main series Pokemon dropped its seasonal mechanics with Pokemon X and Y, meaning that you could only catch the Spring Formes of the two Pokemon in the game, regardless of the season. While players could transfer Deerling and Sawsbuck in one of its other three forms into a newer game, it was impossible to get these Formes natively in any Pokemon game made over the last eight years.

With the introduction of Pokemon Home compatibility later this year, players will be able to bring the Winter, Autumn, and Summer Formes of Deerling and Sawsbuck into their main series games without needing a copy of Pokemon Black and White or Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. However, players will need to catch a Deerling or Sawsbuck during their corresponding season to get the right forme; unlike in main series Pokemon games, Deerling and Sawsbuck won't change with the season in Pokemon Go.

Deerling and Sawsbuck are both available now in Pokemon Go. Connectivity between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home is expected later this year.