Pokemon Go Is Experiencing Login, Server Issues

Pokemon Go players are already largely stuck inside and unable to play the mobile game on-the-go like they usually can, but it looks like even those who are able to play are now experiencing issues with the game’s servers and login functions. Players have been reporting issues with the Pokemon game on Thursday by saying they either can’t log into the game or are being kicked from it once they’ve gotten in. Google seems to be having some problems with its various services, and seeing how signing in via Google is one of the ways to play Pokemon Go, some have theorized that the problems might be related.

Players first began sharing their reports of outages and errors on social media when they were kicked from the game or couldn’t log in at all when trying to play. Downdetector, the service which tracks the statuses of various online services, noted that Pokemon Go was experiencing problems.


Others chimed in with their reports of Google having problems with different services. Signing in through your Google account is one of the ways to get into Pokemon Go, though there are other ways to get in as well.

The official Pokemon Go Twitter account has not yet acknowledged that there are server issues impacting some, so it’s unclear exactly how widespread these issues are. Assuming the account never addresses the problems, the issues will hopefully clear up soon to allow those playing from home or out and about to continue catching Pokemon uninterrupted.