'Pokemon Go' Could Add Famous Trainers From Pokemon Games or Anime in Future

Pokemon Go has a new Trainer Battle system, and future updates could add the ability to battle famous trainers from the main series Pokemon games or anime.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go released full details about its upcoming Trainer Battle feature, a new addition to the game that will let players battle others in 3 v 3 Pokemon battles. While the system is made to battle other players, Pokemon Go is also adding an AI system to allow players to challenge the game's three team leaders in training battles.

Eurogamer had a chance to test out the new system and spoke to Niantic developer Matt Slemon about future additions to the new feature. Specifically, Eurogamer asked about whether Pokemon Go had any plans to add other AI trainers to the game, such as characters from either the main series games or the Pokemon anime. Surprisingly, Slemon said that it was something Niantic "has talked about."

Pokemon Go players have longed for a Trainer Battle system and for additional opponents to battle for quite some time. Players have long dreamed of events where they could battle Team Rocket grunts and leaders, and it looks like Pokemon Go is at least considering adding additional AI options that could make that a reality. We've also seen Pokemon Go reference the main series games in the past, most recently with the addition of outfits based on Brock and Misty's designs from Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee.


Slemon elaborated that Niantic was also looking at the main Pokemon games for further mechanics to add down the line, adding even more options and variability to the amped up battle feature. Eurogamer suggested that could mean the addition of status additions, or even Mega Evolution in future updates.

The new Trainer Battle System will roll out later this month. We'll have full coverage of the game's new features when they go live.