Pokemon Go Fest Tickets Sell Out in Thirty Minutes

Don't say that Pokemon Go is dead. Tickets for the game's first ever live event sold out today, just thirty minutes after the event went live.

Permits for the event indicated an expected attendance of 12,000 or more, so we're guessing that this wasn't a case where Pokemon Go deliberately kept ticket supply low. From the sounds of the tweet above, it looks like Pokemon Go won't be releasing any additional tickets beforehand, although that could always change in the coming weeks.

The sellout occurred even though event organizers didn't actually say what Pokemon Go Fest would entail until ticket sales went live today. From what the event website indicates, players will have a chance to catch Regional Pokemon not usually available in the US, plus participate in events that will impact the game worldwide. As the tweet above indicates, it looks like Pokemon Go will have some sort of in-app event for those who didn't jump on tickets when they were available.

Today has been a pretty crazy day for Pokemon Go. In addition to the Pokemon Go Fest sellout, the game also announced a major update to its gym system. The new gym system will feature raids from super-powerful Pokemon, streamlined defense, and a "Motivation" system to help gyms from growing stagnant.


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