Pokemon Go Sends Free Raid Passes and Incubators to Lapsed Players

Pokemon Go is hoping to entice some lapsed players back to the game with free premium items.

Earlier today, Niantic sent out emails to players asking them to check out some of the game's new features, along with redeemable codes for Super Incubators and premium raid passes. "A lot has happened in Pokemon Go recently," the email reads. "With our newest feature - Dynamic Weather - everyday could be a new adventure for you." The email also promoted the recently added "Gen 3" Pokemon and the appearance of Groudon in the game.

However, many active Pokemon Go players realized that they didn't get the email. Instead, Pokemon Go seemed to target lapsed and casual players with the email. As the email contained promotional codes, it also meant that the email were only sent out to Android users as well.

The email is a sign that Pokemon Go is trying to shore up its userbase by targeting players who were once active players in the game. While Pokemon Go used to have a massive userbase when the game first came out in 2016, it has continuously shed players over the last year and a half. One of the most common complaints from ex-Pokemon Go players is that they simply ran out of things to do in between events or mass Pokemon releases.

We'll have to see if this is a one time "shot in the dark" by Niantic or the beginning of a coordinated campaign to try to restore some of Pokemon Go's lost luster. It's clear that Pokemon Go isn't resting on its accomplishments over the last year and a half, which could mean more new features and more promotions in the near future.