Pokemon Go Officially Extends Length of Ho-Oh Raids

Pokemon Go has officially confirmed that Ho-Oh will be sticking around for a little while longer.

The game officially announced via Twitter that Ho-Oh will appear as a raid boss through December 14th, two days longer than originally anticipated.

The reason for the slight extension was that Pokemon Go players were plagued by a glitch this weekend that prevented many players from catching Ho-Oh. Whenever a player dropped out of a raid for any reason, it prevented all other players in their raid group from accessing the post-raid catch screen. Pokemon Go identified and corrected the problem on Sunday, but many players had still missed out on a valuable weekend window to catch the Pokemon.

The extended window means that Ho-Oh will appear through next Thursday instead of Tuesday, December 12th.


Some players were hoping that Pokemon Go would cap off the game's "Gen 2" phase with a mini-event in which all the Legendary Beasts and Ho-Oh were available, but that seemed unlikely given that Gen 3 Pokemon could be released soon and a Holiday Event is still on the way.

If you need tips on how to beat Ho-Oh, we provided a handy guide here.