Pokemon Go Confirms Holiday Event in December

It's a big day for Pokemon Go, as the game's next event has also been confirmed.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced it would add fifty new Pokemon to the game later this week. TechCrunch got an extra scoop on its hands when it reported that a Niantic employee had also confirmed the game's upcoming Holiday event.

"Niantic’s Archit Bhargava also confirmed to me that they’ll be hosting an in-game holiday event this month," the report reads. "He didn’t say much about what to expect, but did note that they’re aiming to start it up sometime around December 21st."

This shouldn't come as a major surprise for Pokemon Go players, as the game hosts at least one event per month. While some of the game's events this year left players a little disappointed, the Halloween event and the Global Catch Challenge that coincided with Thanksgiving were both big hits among the fanbase.

Last year, Pokemon Go had two back to back events during the holiday season. The first event gave players an increased chance to obtain eggs that hatched Baby "Gen 2" Pokemon, while the second event increased the number of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle spawns around the world. The events also gave players the chance to purchase discounted items from the in-game store via special boxes. These boxes have become a staple of Pokemon Go events since.


While TechCrunch didn't have much else to report on the holiday event, it seems likely that it would have something to do with all the new Pokemon being added to the game. Since the Legendary Pokemon Groudon also appeared in a trailer announcing the "Gen 3" additions, perhaps the event will unleash that powerful Pokemon into the world.

Obviously, today is an exciting and busy day for Pokemon Go fans, so stay tuned for more coverage throughout the day!