Pokemon Go: How to Catch Lugia This Month

Lugia has long been one of the most beloved legendary Pokemon, and Pokemon Go players now have the opportunity to capture it in the game once again. Lugia can be found in Pokemon Go now, and it will be available until November 16th at 1 p.m. PT. The legendary Pokemon has started to appear in Five-Star Raid Battles, so players will want to keep their eyes peeled for Lugia appearing at gyms nearby. Thankfully, players have a fairly significant amount of time to obtain it, which should work out well for anyone that might not have had the opportunity during previous events!

Players will have a number of chances to capture Lugia throughout the next 11 days, but the best opportunity might be during Pokemon Go's weekly Raid Hour event. These occur on Wednesday evenings for one hour, starting at 6 p.m. local time. During that timeframe, the highlighted Pokemon will appear more frequently during Raids, so players should have multiple chances to obtain one. Of course, players might want to stock up on Remote Raid passes ahead of next week's Raid Hour, in case they need to participate in Raids that are farther away.

Lugia is a dual Psychic/Flying-type, so players will want to choose strong Pokemon to bring into the Raid. Dark, Rock, and Ice-type Pokemon should prove quite helpful, provided they have a high CP. Pokemon Go has a number of solid options to choose from, and players will also want to factor in the Fast and Charge moves that their Pokemon know; this might even be the time to use a TM you might have stashed in your inventory! Speaking of Charge moves, players that are able to obtain a Lugia during the event will find that it knows the move Aeroblast.

Lugia's appearance in the game is part of the current tie-in with the Pokemon Journeys anime. The game is highlighting specific Pokemon from the series, including a Pikachu wearing the World Cap that Ash Ketchum currently wears. Players can even snag a Shiny version of that Pikachu during the event, as well as a Shiny Cubone!

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