There's Another Fake Leak Spreading about Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Another day, another fake Pokemon Go leak. Earlier today, a group called "Team Shuckle" claimed to have details about a new set of features coming to Pokemon Go that were tied to an event starting July 22, which coincidentally is when Pokemon Go Fest is set to take place. Not only did the announcement "confirm" the addition of Legendary Pokemon to the game, it also revealed several new items, and claimed that sunglass wearing Squirtle (similar to the anime's Squirtle Squad) would begin spawning that weekend.

Other new features mentioned in the "leak" included new styles of clothing and a permanent way to mark Pokemon with high IV stats in the game.

A screenshot of the announcement started spreading around Pokemon Go groups this morning, and even made its way to an Argentinian fan site that's so well-made, people thought it was an official fanpage.

However, like the discredited leak about the Anniversary Event from earlier in the week, this one is also a fake. While it doesn't contain the egregious typos of the original leak, there is a key inconsistency in the original Spanish announcement. The Spanish announcement calls raids "redada" instead of "incursiones." Niantic's real announcements have consistently used the same phrasing and vocabulary, so there's no reason why a legitimate leak would use different terminology.

Team Shuckle has also fabricated other leaks before, including an Electric-Type event that never came to pass. Notably, the leak was also scoffed at by several groups that have leaked real Pokemon Go events in the past.


While we're expecting that Pokemon Go will have some sort of tie-in event to Pokemon Go Fest, we're not expecting something quite as extravagant as the one mentioned in the discredited leak. In the meantime, always double check where you get your news and rumors from!

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