Pokemon Go Releases Mysterious Noibat Halloween Teaser

The first part of Pokemon Go's Halloween celebration is set to kick-off tomorrow, and Niantic has revealed a creepy new trailer ahead of the event. The short teaser shows a trainer being chased by a swarm of Noibat in a cornfield at night. The video also shows a piece of notebook paper with a time reading "5:34 p.m." Under that time, images of a person, a Noibat, and an ear of corn can be seen. Below that, the time 6 p.m. can be seen alongside three question marks and three exclamation points. At the bottom of the page, we see "10x" next to a drawing of a Poke Ball, and "25x" next to an Ultra Ball.

The teaser trailer was shared on the game's official Twitter account and can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Naturally, the new teaser has led to heavy speculation from Pokemon fans! Noibat's evolved form Noivern is difficult to obtain in the game, requiring 400 Candies. The swarm of Noibat in the trailer makes it seem like the Pokemon will be easier to catch at some point this month, which would be a huge relief to many players. It's safe to assume that this Noibat event won't have a connection to Community Day, as this month already saw an event centered around Litwick. It's possible the Pokemon could appear during a Spotlight Hour instead, but it's impossible to say until we get additional details from Niantic. With Halloween less than two weeks away, fans shouldn't have to wait much longer for more information! 

Noibat first appeared in Pokemon X and Y. The Flying/Dragon-type evolves into the powerful Noivern, a Pokemon that has gained quite a few fans since its introduction. In the Pokemon anime, Ash used Noivern when competing in the Kalos League, where he very nearly became the Champion. Ash left Noivern with Professor Oak after his loss, but the Pokemon has appeared a handful of times in Pokemon Journeys.

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