Pokemon Go Could Finally Be Adding Party Hat Wurmple

A recent Pokemon Go datamine suggests that a fabled costumed Pokemon is coming to the game. [...]

A recent Pokemon Go datamine suggests that a fabled costumed Pokemon is coming to the game. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go dataminers discovered image assets for Wurmple, Raticate, and Wobbuffet all wearing party hats. While these three Pokemon seem like an unusual group for a Pokemon Go event, one of the Pokemon is a reference to a popular meme and an old Pokemon Go loading screen. In early 2018, Pokemon Go released a loading screen showing a Pikachu, a Torchic, and a Wurmple wearing a party hat celebrating the start of 2018. Since then, players have begged Pokemon Go to add Party Hat Wurmple to the game, and it seems like developers are finally listening.

Pokemon Go has gotten looser with its costumed Pokemon variants this year. Although Pikachu got the bulk of the costumes in 2018, this year, we've seen Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, and Stantler all get new costumes. These costumed Pokemon are almost always limited time events, so players tend to hit the pavement hard to obtain them.

Of course, Pokemon Go hasn't announced a New Year's event yet, so it's possible that this is just a gag that Pokemon Go developers put in for dataminers. After all, there's no Party Hat versions of Rattata or Wurmple's evolutions, so this might just be a way of poking fun at the players who go into Pokemon Go's code and network traffic looking for clues about future features. In the meantime, players can enjoy Pokemon Go's biggest Community Day of 2019 this weekend, as well as a new Holiday Event starting December 24th, and multiple special Raid Weekends and event weekends over the rest of the year.

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