Pokemon Go Has No Plans to Address Complaints of Pokemon Go Plus Users

There are apparently no plans to expand the Pokemon Go Plus's functionality in Pokemon Go, particularly in regards to Pokemon gyms.

The Pokemon Go Plus is a peripheral device that works with Pokemon Go to let players catch Pokemon and spin PokeStops without actually using their phone. While Pokemon Go is developed and maintained by Niantic Labs, Nintendo manufactures (and profits directly from) the Pokemon Go Plus.

While the device had its uses, it also had some major flaws. For instance, the device only used PokeBalls and only gave players one throw per Pokemon before it ran away. The device also has a tendency of causing Pokemon Go to crash when its running in the background of Apple devices.

Those flaws were compounded when Pokemon Go turned some of its PokeStops into gyms shortly before its big update last month. After all, the Pokemon Go Plus wasn't as useful when there are less PokeStops to spin. When the update went live, Niantic announced that gyms now had photo disks that players could spin in order to get items, similar to how PokeStops distribute items to players.

However, Pokemon Go Plus users discovered that their devices couldn't "spin" the photo disks of Pokemon Gyms, even though it seemed to be a natural extension of the Pokemon Go Plus's functionality.

While Niantic has remained silent about possible future plans for the Pokemon Go Plus, Nintendo recently responded to a Reddit user and confirmed there were no additional plans for changing how the device worked.

"At this time this is expected behavior of the GO Plus device," read the statement, which was posted to the Silph Road subreddit. "We are not aware of any plans to make changes to that behavior but keep an eye out for updates as they become available."

Of course, this is disappointing news for Pokemon Go users. After spending $35 for the device, they've seen its usefulness decrease multiple times due to tweaks to the Pokemon Go game. While Niantic doesn't actually manufacture the Pokemon Go Plus, they do have a responsibility to keep the device useful for those who plunked down money out of enthusiasm for the game.


Plans can change, of course, so hopefully Niantic figures out a way to give the Pokemon Go Plus extra value to users instead of turning it into a waste of money.

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