Pokemon Go Has Tweaked Raid Rewards for the Better

Pokemon Go has made a couple of changes to raid rewards, and players seem to be liking [...]

Pokemon Go has made a couple of changes to raid rewards, and players seem to be liking them.

Earlier this year, researchers from the Silph Road, a fan group devoted to discovering the intricacies of Pokemon Go, revealed that there was a method to how the game distributed rewards after raids. While raid rewards seemed random at first, the Silph Road discovered that Pokemon Go actually gives out "bundles" of items tied to the difficulty of a Raid.

Many of the bundles grow in size based on the difficulty of a raid. So, a player who beats a Level 4 raid can get "bundles" of two Raid Candies, while a player who beats a Level 5 raid has a chance to earn a bundle of three Raid Candies.

Pokemon Go hands out bundles based on how many Premier Balls a player earns from a raid. The more Premier Balls earned, the more bundles a player gets, and players can also get multiple bundles of the same type of items.

This system has been an open secret in Pokemon Go for months, but now players are noticing something different about the number of items they get after raids. For instance, players are now getting 7 Razz Berries after Raids, something that shouldn't be possible based on how players thought item bundles work. It appears that players who beat Legendary Raids can now get bundles of either three or four Razz Berries after battle.

Players have also noticed that revives are also being handed out in bundles of six instead of bundles of five.

No one's quite sure why the changes were made, or why Pokemon Go would suddenly tweak this system. Some players are speculating that the extra items could be some sort of flat reward for controlling a gym or doing the most damage in battle, but that's honestly just a guess with no concrete evidence.

We'll have to see if any other tweaks to Pokemon Go get made in the coming days. Developers have promised a new update, so some bigger surprises could be added soon!