Pokemon Go Announces Major Changes to Raids

Pokemon Go plans to shake up its raid system with a new set of achievements as well as a visual overhaul and other quality of life improvements. Pokemon Go announced that it would be launching a number of updates to its Raid system this summer to celebrate the game's fifth anniversary. The most notable change is the addition of Trainer Achievements, which will showcase key participants in a raid. Players will earn Trainer Achievements by completing certain milestones during the fight, such as delivering the final attack in a raid, dealing the most damage overall, keeping a Pokemon in battle for the longest time during the raid, using a Mega-Evolved Pokemon during the battle, or using the most Charged Attacks. Players who receive a Trainer Achievement during a raid will earn medals, with all Trainer Achievements appearing on a Trainer Achievement Card that can be downloaded and shown off on social media.

Additionally, the actual Raid Battle stadium will receive a visual overhaul this summer, replacing the stadium that has appeared in the game for the last four years. Other visual updates are also planned. Pokemon Go also promised other quality of life improvements, but did not provide any additional details. No timeline was provided for the updates, other than a vague summer release date.

Pokemon Go has announced several planned overhauls of the game ahead of its fifth anniversary, including the rollback of several changes made during the pandemic. Those rollbacks were met with considerable pushback from the community, but Pokemon Go has provided no additional comment or sign that they're listening to feedback.

Pokemon Go is also gearing up for several weeks of events leading into its annual Pokemon Go Fest. The next event is a Bidoof Breakout event featuring a significant increase in Bidoof appearing in the game, many of which have special moves. The Pokemon Go Fest event launches in July and will focus on the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta. The event costs $5 to participate in and will also include several region-exclusive Pokemon along with new costumed Pokemon and other in-game bonuses.