Pokemon Go Now Lets You Invite Friends to Raids

Pokemon Go is now giving players the opportunity to invite their friends to Raid Battles. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that all Level 40 players now have the ability to invite other players to raid remotely. When in a lobby, players can invite up to five different friends to participate in the raid regardless of location. Since the initial announcement, Pokemon Go has opened up remote raid invitations to all players of Level 37 or higher. The invitations are easy to send out, especially to active players who have their "online status" turned on in the game, which allows their friends to see whether they are actively playing the game.

This is the second big change made to Pokemon Go's Raid system, which allows players to work together to defeat a Pokemon at gyms. Yesterday, Pokemon Go announced that players would no longer use up their Raid Pass until the battle started, so players won't be punished if not enough players join a Raid before it starts.

While Raids were once considered a critical part of Pokemon Go, as they provided players with their best chance of getting Legendary Pokemon, but their importance has faded due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, these recent changes should give players a chance to do more raids while continuing to keep a safe distance from each other. Pokemon Go has continued to release new Legendary Pokemon through raids, so this should give players more opportunities to gather a team online and catch tons of Pokemon quickly.

Pokemon Go's changes may also come in handy for Pokemon Go Fest, which will happen in less than two weeks. The event will give players the chance to complete several in-game challenges, including a chance to catch the Mythical Pokemon Victini and 80 different Pokemon species.