Pokemon Go Extends Premium Item Sale by One Week

Pokemon Go is extending a sale on certain key items.

Pokemon Go announced via Twitter today that it was extending a sale on certain premium item boxes, which allows players to buy items like Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, Great Balls and Ultra Balls at a discount.

Currently, Pokemon Go also has its Super Incubators, a special kind of incubator that allows players to hatch Pokemon at one third of their usual distance, still on sale.

Pokemon Go originally put the items on sale as part of last month's Global Catch Challenge, which pushed players to catch over 3 billion Pokemon in a week. Most of the rewards for the Global Catch Challenge have already ended, although Niantic confirmed that Ho-Oh, a late Global Catch Challenge addition, would be extended due to a recently discovered bug involving raids.


The sale is a pretty good one, at least for those players who regularly use Lucky Eggs and Lure Modules. Lucky Eggs grant double XP for a 30 minute window, while Lure Modules can be placed on PokeStops to attract additional Pokemon.

Pokemon Go could be keeping the new items on sale to encourage players to stockpile items before "Gen 3" releases in the near future. While game developers previously promised that the game would add new Pokemon before year end, we haven't heard any updates since the Halloween event.