Pokemon Go Stadium Event to Stream Live From Japan

Pokemon Go's mysterious Stadium event will be broadcast live to the rest of the world for those [...]

Pokemon Go's mysterious Stadium event will be broadcast live to the rest of the world for those that can't attend in Japan.

An advertisement posted on Reddit this morning revealed that the Pokemon Company planned to stream the Pokemon Go Stadium event in Yokohama on its Facebook page on Monday. The Pokemon Go Stadium event is part of the Pikachu Outbreak Festival currently underway in Japan which features hundreds of "live" Pikachu parading around the city as well as several tie-in events. Pokemon Go has remained mum about what the Stadium event is exactly, although fans had to enter a lottery for a chance to win a ticket into the event. Players will be let into the real-world Yokohama Stadium every 15 minutes.

While we don't know exactly what's in the Pokemon Go Stadium, the presence of a live stream suggests that it's going to be big. The popular speculation is that the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh will appear for the very first time at the event, as it would be a good tie-in for the recently released Pokemon: I Choose You! movie. Others have speculated that Mewtwo will be the next Legendary Pokemon based on its popularity.

The Pokemon Go Stadium event is just one of several Pokemon Go events taking place at the Pikachu Outbreak Festival. Special Pokemon are spawning during the event, including Unown, Mr. Mime, and Shiny Pikachu. Several special Raid Bosses have also popped up during the event.

Let's just hope this goes better than Pokemon Go's last live stream. Pokemon Go aired a live stream of Pokemon Go Fest last month, which only served to broadcast how miserable participants were at the disastrous event. Since The Pokemon Company is involved with the Pikachu Outbreak Festival, we're expecting this event to run a lot more smoothly.

Unfortunately, the live stream will only be available in Japanese, so international players may be a little confused if they choose to watch it. The Pokemon Go Stadium event begins at 6 PM in Japan, which translates to 5 AM on the US's East Coast. If you don't want to watch the live stream, be sure to visit here Monday morning as we'll have details on any big surprises that happen during the event.