Pokemon Go Back In Top Five In App Store


Pokemon Go kicked off to a tremendous start when it was first released, filling streets with Trainers who could finally play their favorite series on the go. The popularity may have fluctuated since then, and the game is sometimes met with a "people still play this?" question, but with the game returning to the top five downloaded apps in the Apple App Store, it seems safe to say that Pokemon Go is indeed back.

At the time of this being written, you can check out the App Store to see the top grossing apps currently to verify the returned popularity of Pokemon Go. You'll see a couple of staples in the top five list — Pandora, Netflix, and Candy Crush Saga will likely be familiar — but Pokemon Go currently has pushed both Clash of Clans and the YouTube app down a bit to squeeze into the top five.

Pokemon Go Top 5

But the fact that the game has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity shouldn't be too big of a surprise to those who were awaiting the update, as the newest version of Pokemon Go features a completely overhauled gym system that alleviated some old issues and provided new opportunities for Trainers to take on gyms and collect gym badges like a true Trainer would.

Another significant component of the new update that encourages more groups to get out and play once again is the raid system where up to 20 players can participate in fighting high-level Pokemon. The big Pokemon Go Fest event that's coming up soon also contributed to the buzz, a live event that sold out in no time at all. Niantic is continually addressing issues with the new update as well and working to fix them, so more players might also be encouraged to stay in the game longer this time with visible support.


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