Pokemon Go's Holiday Event Gets Invaded by a Surprise Pokemon

An unexpected Pokemon is appearing all over as part of Pokemon Go's holiday event.

Pokemon Go's holiday event is here, complete with a bunch of new Pokemon and a few other surprises for players. And while most of the game's focus is on the (not so) surprise appearance of Delibird, the return of Santa Hat Pikachu, or even the arrival of two new Shiny Pokemon, there's another strange surprise that has a lot of Pokemon Go players talking.

Ice-Type Pokemon are supposed to spawn in greater numbers as part of the holiday event. And while Pokemon like Sneasel, Snorunt, and Spheal are popping up, players are also noticing a ton of Torchic appearing too, almost at the same rate as the Ice-Type Pokemon.

Typically, Pokemon Go's events start off with a temporary uptick in rare Pokemon related to the event. For instance, the Adventure Week event had Larvitar show up for about the first hour, while Dratini made an appearance at the start of the Water Festival. However, in both those cases, the sudden uptick in spawns only lasted about an hour and involved a Pokemon associated with the event.

That's what makes Torchic's appearance a bit strange. Torchic is a Fire-Type Pokemon, so it definitely shouldn't be appearing right now, and it still seems to spawning in greater quantities even hours after the event.

Players have also reported seeing upticks of other "Gen 3" Pokemon, but not at quite the same rate as Torchic. It could just be because Torchic was generally rare beforehand, so more people are noticing it now, or it really could be invading the game and burning out the Ice-Type Pokemon.


Torchic's appearance could be a clue that Pokemon Go has plans for the Starter Pokemon next week. Last year, Pokemon Go increased the spawn rates of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle for about a week to bring in the new year.

Whatever the reason, players aren't complaining about the chance to grab Torchic, which is generally a rare Pokemon. We have no idea how long this "invasion" will last, so take advantage of it while you still can!