Wailord is Hilariously Big in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go fans are getting a laugh at how gamebreakingly huge one new Pokemon is in the game.

Last week, Pokemon Go added 20 new Water-Type and Ice-Type Pokemon as part of its ongoing Holiday event. One of these Pokemon was Wailord, a blue whale-esque Pokemon that's over 47 feet long and weighs a bit over 850 pounds.

Wailord is the longest Pokemon in existence, and the Pokemon games have often had to scale down the Pokemon to get him to fit inside the screen. For instance, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver showed Wailord to be about 10 feet long when it trailed behind a trainer as its chosen companion.

However, Pokemon Go has seemingly embraced just how ridiculously large Wailord is. Players are discovering that Wailord is so huge, it takes up the entire screen in gym battles.

In addition, when Wailord is placed inside a gym as a defender, it actually is segregated from the other Pokemon so it has room to function.


You can also see that Pokemon Go has to zoom its camera out when a player is battling Wailord, just so that it can fit both players in battle.

While Wailord is impressively large, it isn't the most useful Pokemon in the game. Despite its gaudy Stamina stat, Wailord has a poor defense stat and falls way short of Pokemon like Blissey or Snorlax as a defender. Players will also need to catch a whopping 400 candies in order to evolve a Wailmer into a Wailord.