Pokemon: This LEGO Porygon Is a Masterpiece

While fans have a lot of nostalgia for the original 150 Pokemon, it's impossible to deny that the original group has some real oddities. Characters like Jynx, Mr. Mime and Magmar are some of the more out-there pocket monsters to debut in Pokemon Red and Green, but Porygon is definitely the odd-duck in the group. Well, if you can call it a duck. It's kind of hard to say, really. Anyway, the Pokedex classifies Porygon as the "Virtual Pokemon" and it has long fascinated gamers for a number of reasons. One Reddit user took that passion to a new level, re-creating Porygon with LEGO and, well, the resemblance is uncanny.

I made a Lego Porygon from r/pokemon

All jokes aside, creator Jorymo actually did do a pretty decent job, considering they only used two LEGO bricks and still managed to make it resemble Porygon. Jorymo's post currently has a 95% upvoted status on Reddit.

Like the LEGO version, Porygon is a man-made creature in the Pokemon games. Built in a lab on Cinnabar Island using programming code, Porygon has the ability to traverse cyberspace, but has a blocky, outdated appearance, since twenty years have now passed since its creation.

In addition to being one of the strangest Pokemon, Porygon also has the distinction of being the most infamous. In an episode of the Pokemon anime commonly known as "Electric Soldier Porygon," flashing lights caused some Japanese viewers to have seizures, and the episode resulted in Pokemon's temporary removal from the airways. Pokemon inevitably returned to TV, but the episode has never re-aired in any other territory, and Porygon has never received another significant role in an episode of the anime, since. Despite this, the creature lives on in the video games, TCG, and more, even receiving two new evolutionary forms through the years. These later evolutions have given Porygon2 and Porygon-Z more refined appearances that would likely be a bit more difficult to replicate in LEGO form!

With such a perfect rendition of Porygon created by Jorymo, some might recommend the creator pitch the concept to LEGO Ideas, where it might be considered for public release. Alas, the Pokemon building license is currently tied-up with the Mega Construx line, making it tragically unlikely.


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