Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Evolve Dunsparce Into Dudunsparce

A weird fan-favorite Pokemon finally can evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, although some players might not recognize the difference. For years, players have begged The Pokemon Company to give the grub-like Pokemon Dunsparce an evolution. Cursed with a vestigial set of wings and a set of fangs it can't use, players always expected that the Pokemon was capable of something greater. Well, The Pokemon Company gave players their wish over the weekend by finally giving Dunsparce an evolution....that looks almost identical to its pre-evolved form. 

Dudunsparce is a slightly larger Dunsparce with a few more...parts. Dudunsparce gains an extra body segment (or two, if you're lucky), a third fang, a little tip to its drill tail, and an extra pair of wings. Otherwise, Dudunsparce looks almost identical to Dunsparce....which is frankly hilarious. 

In order to evolve Dunsparce into Dudunsparce, players simply have to the Dunsparce learn Hyper Drill, which it learns at Level 32. Simply knowing the move triggers Dunsparce's evolution. Hyper Drill is actually a useful move that can break through Protect and Detect barriers, allowing it to hit Pokemon that would otherwise cancel out their attacks. Dunsparce also has a decently high HP and Attack stat, although probably not enough for most fans to use it on their teams. 

Dudunsparce has two forms – a two-segment form and a three-segment form, although it's unclear how to guarantee one of these forms. At present time, this appears to be a random evolution, with the three-segment form much more rare than the two-segment form. 

You can check out Dudunsparce down below: 


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