Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reveals New Paradox Raikou "Raging Bolt"

The Paradox Raikou Pokemon "Raging Bolt" is part of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is adding a Paradox Raikou with players getting their first look at the new Pokemon today during August's Pokemon Presents event. Gone is the lion-like posture of the Legendary Electric Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver with the Scarlet and Violet Paradox version instead turning Raikou into something more akin to a giraffe. The new version of the pokemon has so far been called "Giraffe Raikou," "Long-Neck Raikou," and other names, though it seems sentiment is split when it comes to what people actually think of the new Paradox Pokemon's design.

This new version of Raikout is apparently called "Raging Bolt" according to details shared by The Pokemon Company after the event, and it was shown off in the preview of the Scarlet and Violet DLC The Teal Mask. Around 3 minutes into the trailer below, you'll see a closeup of Raging Bolt before it zooms out to show his giraffe-like build.

It wasn't said during the Pokemon Presents event how, exactly, players would be able to get their hands on this Raikou-inspired Paradox Pokemon, but given that it was shown in the trailer and the description of the video said it'd show off "the people and Pokemon you'll meet" in the upcoming DLC, it's looking so far like you'll have to have The Teal Mask if you want to encounter this Pokemon. For context, that's different from how the Suicune-inspired Paradox Pokemon called "Walking Wake" was added to the game. Walking Wake was instead available via a Tera Raid event, so it's possible Raging bolt will be distributed the same way whether it's locked to the DLC or not.

So, how are people feeling about Paradox Raikou right now? Sentiments towards the Pokemon are split with many actually reacting incredulously to the design. The tweet below from one Pokemon fans sums up many of the reactions towards Raging Bolt -- many like it, but given that a Paradox Raikou felt inevitable since Suicune already got one, lots of people were expecting something different. 

Now that Raging Bolt has been revealed, all that remains from this trio of Legendary Pokemon is Entei's Paradox form. It could be that we'll get Entei in the second Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Indigo Disk, but The Pokemon Company hasn't hinted at anything of the sort at the moment.