Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Players Should Complete These Quests ASAP

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continue the open-world trend of Pokemon Arceus, a concept which is still relatively new for Pokemon games. As such, the vastness of Scarlet and Violet beg the question: What should players do first? Fortunately, the game is essentially divided up into three different "questlines" of sorts, and based on what that division amounts to and what rewards players get for completing the various tasks asked of them, it's pretty easy to pick out which quests players should tackle right away.

Spoiler Warning: Light spoilers for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are present below, so make sure you're at least through the "tutorial" before reading on unless you don't care about spoilers!

Which Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Quests to Do First?

Once you clear what's essentially the tutorial of these games where you get into school and set out on your adventure, you're tasked with three different objectives: the traditional Pokemon experience of defeating gym leaders, another familiar experience of dismantling the region's Team Rocket equivalent called Team Star, and a third option which is hunting down "Titan" Pokemon.

Between those three, we'd recommend taking up Arven on his request to track down Titan Pokemon. It's a different sort of experience compares to what we've seen in past Pokemon games, and getting the rewards for these quests will make your Paldea explorations much, much easier.

What Are the Titan Quests?

Arven's read of massive versions of Pokemon called "Titans" which have reached near-mythical status in terms of their size and power. These Titans are scattered throughout Paldea, and as such, Arven needs help defeating them.

You aren't actually out to catch these Titans, however, so it's not like a legendary Pokemon encounter. It's more like a raid where you whittle down their health, watch a brief cutscene, and do it again. After doing so, the Pokemon is dispatched, and you and Arven gain access to special herbs.

What Rewards to Titan Quests Offer?

So, why should you do these quests first? Aside from the newness of the task (and a compelling Arven storyline that's better left experienced without spoilers), your Ride Pokemon for whatever version you chose benefits from these mystic herbs. Arven makes sandwiches with them, and once your Ride Pokemon consumes them, they gain additional mobility features.

These include things like a high jump and gliding among other perks that stay with you for the rest of the game. Paldea is vast and mountainous with items often hidden on ledges and hard-to-reach areas, so mobility makes for a much smoother experience. The perks your Pokemon gain are tied to specific Titans rather than a system where you get a set move for beating one Titan and another for beating two, but any additional mobility move is helpful.

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