Every Pokemon Episode Now Available to Stream on Disney Now App

Disney is putting all 20 seasons of the Pokemon anime series on its on-demand streaming app.

Yesterday, Disney announced that every single episode of the Pokemon anime series was now available to stream on its Disney Now app. This means that nearly 1,000 episodes of Ash and Pikachu's adventures are now available to watch at anytime on any streaming device.

Disney obtained the airing rights to the Pokemon franchise in 2016 and is currently airing dubbed versions of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon. While several past Pokemon anime series are currently available on streaming services like Netflix, they'll be pulled off in January 2018. This means that the Disney Now app will be the only way to legally stream the Pokemon anime.

Disney Now is Disney's on-demand streaming app, designed specifically to access various Disney Channel shows. Disney Now consolidated Disney's various on-demand apps into one streaming service and allows users to watch Disney cable stations "live" or on demand. Unfortunately, not every Pokemon fan will have access to the Disney Now app. While a handful of episodes are available to watch for free, most of the episodes require a cable or satellite subscription to view.

Disney Now is free to download, so we encourage you to check it out and see if your cable or satellite service unlocks the full app. A handful of Pokemon episodes are also free to view on DisneyXD.com and the Pokemon TV app.