Pokemon Sword and Shield Cosplayer Brings Marnie to Life

Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch introduced players to a number of interesting NPCs, [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch introduced players to a number of interesting NPCs, including the rival trainer, Marnie. Marnie has become a fan favorite over the last year, so it should come as little surprise to see fans cosplaying the character. @Kitaro_cos on Instagram shared images of herself dressed as the character, and she does a truly impressive job channeling Marnie. While her outfit and Poke Ball help to sell the likeness, Kitaro took things one step further with the addition of a "Hangry Mode" Morpeko plush. The Electric/Dark-type Pokemon was closely associated with Marnie in the game, so it's a strong fit, here!

The image of Kitaro as Marnie can be seen in the Instagram post embedded below.

While Marnie is introduced as one of the player's rivals, she eventually grows beyond that role. Like Blue in Pokemon Gold and Silver, Marnie takes over Gym Leader duties from another character; in this case, Marnie replaces her brother Piers as the Spikemuth Gym Leader. The character specializes in Dark-type Pokemon, in case her attire wasn't somewhat of a tip-off! In that regard, Kitaro has done a very impressive job of bringing the character to life, as her costume looks pretty much identical to the leather jacket/pink dress combo that Marnie wears throughout the majority of the game. Now, the only thing Kitaro is missing is a cheering section from Team Yell, to back her up!

It's interesting to see how the world of Pokemon Sword and Shield continues to captivate fans of the franchise since its release. While the game was the center of a controversy following the revelation that it would not include a National Dex, perception of the game seems to have significantly improved over the last year. The release of the game's DLC expansion certainly helped, as it allowed players to capture a number of previously inaccessible Pokemon. Given the fondness players have for many elements from the game, it seems likely that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be fondly remembered by fans of the franchise!

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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